I help lesbian/queer women couples learn ways to create a closer, more intimate and secure relationship. A bond that will stand the test of time.  

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Having provided Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to hundreds of couples over the past four decades, I’ve noticed a critical gap in LGBTQ+ community support—specifically, the need for queer affirming couples' therapy. There's a glaring absence of therapeutic approaches that fully embrace and celebrate queer identities while steering clear of heteronormative bias. I am a Ph.D. level lesbian therapist, who has been in a committed lesbian relationship for 20 years. I specialize in providing couples' therapy to same-sex couples, with a particular focus on lesbian partnerships. 

Maybe you know that your relationship is in trouble, and you don’t know where to turn. Maybe you have tried couples therapy and it didn’t help. Have you lost that sense of connection and passion? Are you beginning to wonder if you are “right” for each other? Has there been a betrayal that you can’t heal from? Are you in a perpetual negative cycle? If any of these are true, you are not alone. Lesbian couples face some unique challenges, that are maybe only understood by a therapist with this lived experience. If you are searching for help in finding your way back to one another or just need a "relationship tune-up", working with someone who “gets you” and a supportive community, is just what you need.


While I have made a significant impact within the confines of my office, there's a broader need for support and community among lesbian couples. Too often, same-sex couples find themselves grappling with relationship challenges while simultaneously navigating the isolating effects of societal stigmatization and marginalization. It's a challenging path, and the heartbreakingly high divorce rate among lesbian couples underscores the importance of helping lesbian couples create safe, intimate, secure, and enduring bonds. 

I am extending my reach beyond the traditional therapy setting to offer lesbian couples an affirming alternative to traditional couples' therapy. This accessible program is designed to empower couples by equipping them with the essential tools needed to create a rock-solid bond. By fostering understanding, imparting valuable skills, providing expert guidance, and creating shared experiences, my goal is to not only to help lesbian couples persevere but to thrive. Through our work together, we will address longstanding patterns of conflict and disconnection and establish new, positive cycles of connection—laying the foundation for a love story that will endure the test of time.            

My Expertise:

I help lesbian couples move from distress and disconnection into a relationship that is secure, emotionally connected, and intimate. I help lesbian couples create a bond that stands the test of time.

Who I Work With:

Lesbian and queer women couples who want to create a closer and more intimate relationship and are willing to invest time, resources, and effort to create a bond that will last. I will also work with one partner, if your partner is not willing (just yet) to join in.

For Lesbian/Queer Women Couples Only

I've  made a free 40-minute video where I teach lesbian couples how to create a closer, more secure and intimate bond and move from surviving to thriving as a couple.


Watch the free 40-minute training where I'll show you how to create a closer, more secure, and intimate relationship with your partner.